Máy đo thể tích khí CO2 ZAHM & NAGEL SS-60

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- Máy đo thể tích khí CO2 - Model: SS 60 - Hãng SX: ZAHM & NAGEL - Xuất xứ: Mỹ

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Model: SS-60


Xuất xứ: Mỹ

The Zahm SS-60 Volume Meter was developed to determine average COlevels of gas in tank stored beverages. Its improved design over the older Zahm-Hartung Volume Meter (Series 2000) greatly improves accuracy and time required to run a test. A precise piston release mechanism eliminates bleeding off of the sample and the potential for human error. Samples undergo repeatable, precise volumetric expansion test after test for more accurate measurements. The lightweight design reduces operator fatigue while the stainless steel construction increases strength and resists corrosion. The thermometer may also be replaced in the field without the need to return it to the factory for replacement. The parts list and line drawing should be used when ordering replacement parts or operating the instrument.
1000 SS-60 Volume Meter 1017 Thermometer Guard Screw (2 ea.)


Vent Cock Swivel
1001 Body 1018 Thermometer Cushion Ring (2 ea.) 1042 Aspirator Bulb
1002 Base 1019 Thermometer Seal Ring (2 ea.) 1042-A Aspirator Bulb "O" Ring
1003 Base Shield 1020-B Valve (2 ea.) 1045 Gooseneck
1004-A Neck Shield 1021 Clamping Device Assembly 1048 Clamp Handle Assembly
1005 Piston 1022 Clamping Device Body 1048-1 Front Brace
1006 Piston Body 1023 Clamping Device Yoke 1048-2 Milled Brace
1007 Piston Handle 1024 Clamping Device Screw 1048-3 Rear Brace (2 ea.)
1008 Piston Lock Pin 1025 Clamping Device Gasket 1048-4 Screw - Left Side (2 ea.)
1009 Piston "O" Ring 1029 Pressure Guage 1048-4A Screw - Right Side (2 ea.)
1010 Piston Body Gasket 1036 Sight Glass 1048-5 Lock Washer (6 ea.)
1011 Base Screw (6 ea.) 1037 Sight Glass Cage 1048-6 Cap Nut (4 ea.)
1012 Thermometer 1038-A Sight Glas Gasket (Top) 1048-7 Handle w/Rubber Sleeve (2 ea.)
1016 Thermometer Guard 1038-B Sight Glass Gasket (Bottom)    

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